Rental Prices

Rental Prices at the Platinum Condominium: Keep in mind that rental prices can be seasonal, as demand and supply shift in the winter months and the high season is typically late Spring and Summer when prices peak.

With a building like the Platinum, that is over 40 floors tall and with different layouts within each size of apartment, you will see values vary because of the floor and size/layout of the apartment. So the prices have to be looked at in ranges.

Studios-Very few studio's available in the building, pricing has been around $3750/month

One Bedrooms- Standard Range is $4300-$5000 Possible on the lower floors in the smallest units that the price for a one bedroom will be between $4000-$4500, but these are not that common Also, on the flip side, taking into account on the higher floors and the larger layouts the prices will be $5200-$5700/month.

Two Bedrooms- Standard Range is $7,000-$9,000

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